xmas twofer

by me

-What do you want for xmas?

Am I allowed an xmas present? I’m Jewish! Of course it was stolen from the pagans and absorbed by the retail world. So for Xmas I would like my sanity. I want to feel strong but calm, clear minded and sharp, well rested and relaxed. Ok, go!

What? That’s not how it works? Well, bummer. I guess I’ll settle for basically stable.

-Are you looking forward to xmas more or less than last year? Why?

Since the year before I married my husband, we have flown to visit his family in the mid-west each xmas. The first year our connection flight got cancelled and we had to rent a car and drive in a snowstorm the rest of the way. The second year, now married, we flow over our airport but couldn’t land because of the snowstorm. We circled for 45 minutes, then flew back to the connecting airport to get a rental car and drive the rest of the way. The next year wasn’t as bad, we were redirected to another airport, at least we were in the right state. But the drive from there was 9 hours in the fog. Last year we made it the whole way! Well I’ve been watching the weather over there, and there’s lots of snow so wish us luck.

But oh yeah, the writing prompt! I look forward to it a little more each year. I’ve learned the family politics. I’ve gotten to know most of his family and I know what to expect. And each year I fee like I’m more a part of his family. With more comfort and trust, I can hand my daughter off to grandma and go nap or read a book. (Luxuries!) It’ll be busy this year – my MIL already sent me a daily itinerary (she used to be a school teacher) – but I am giving myself permission to excuse myself and go escape into another room by myself when I need to. And I’m really looking forward to a local, tiny ice cream shop, they make the best milkshakes!