where I find peace

by me

When I’m working on my garden, my busy busy thoughts fade away. It’s not a very pretty garden, but I think it’s beautiful. All dark greens and dark soil. It is a big pit full of dirt that used to be home to the owner’s jacuzzi. He pulled it out, we filled it with dirt. The first things that started growing were the tomatoes. And they’re still the most active plant. I love pruning them, their leave get so out of control. I might be pruning too much. There’s genuine enjoyment in the cut, cut, cutting. A satisfying crunch and snap. Cleaning and clearing. The body working, the mind on standby. But I’m doing something right, we have more tomatoes than I know what to do with. I keep a bowl of them on the kitchen counter, and my daughter walks by and pops them into her mouth. I planted my aloe vera plant, it is spreading beautifully. No pruning there. I planted a small parsley and small celery plant side by side, they are both taller than my daughter now. Those are some very happy plants. I planted a bunch of garlic, but only a couple of them remain. I think it’s too hot outside for them. Inside on the kitchen window sill I have mint, cilantro and snap peas growing happily. And I just planted some radishes and beets, and they’ve already burst forth from the soil. Tending to, and watching these plants grow relaxes me so much. A noisy part of me settles, relaxes and is able to just be. A solid calm comes over me, and it can last for many hours afterwards. Order has been created, in one small corner of my life.