Dear Mom who I totally thought had it all together who asked me if I ever struggle

by me

I’ve been thinking about you today. I wish there were enough words to describe how much I struggle every day. Being a mom is the hardest job there is. You’re in charge of a human life and every decision you make feels like it could be wrong. It’s exhausting and thankless and repetitious and yet we’re supposed to feel like it’s totally rewarding all the time. But the truth is most of the time it isn’t. Most of the time it’s a constant pushing forward and guiding and monitoring and cleaning up after and disciplining and rescuing and teaching and motivating a small person who, if you’re doing it right, can’t appreciate all the bad things they didn’t experience for many, many years because of a evolutionary lack of perspective.
You’re in my thoughts. And just know, you’re not alone.
Your friend,